Toilet soap “Dobra” – perfectly cleanses the skin, gives a delicate aroma and the most comfortable sensations from use. In addition, it is economical and has a low cost, which will certainly be a pleasant surprise for your budget.


Moisturizing cream


Lily of the valley


Sea minerals



Ecopack toilet soap “Dobra” – a convenient economy packaging is added to all the advantages of this soap.


Tutti Frutti

Olive and provencal herbs

Moisturizing cream

Minerals of the seas

Liquid soap “Dobra” is a gentle hand soap that creates a rich lather, gently washing away dirt and microbes.


Grapefruit extract and oil are prized primarily for high concentrations of vitamin C and limonene (90%), which have a delicate citrus aroma and bactericidal properties. In addition, according to the latest research, limonene activates the processes responsible for the destruction of cancer cells.

Coconut and milk protein

Coconut oil has a pleasant and delicate aroma, which makes cosmetics based on it smell so good.


Orange oil refreshes, prevents pimples, evens out complexion. Essential oils increase skin tone, smooth it, stimulate lymphatic drainage processes and have powerful antioxidant properties.

Green tea and aloe vera

Green tea evens out the tone of the face, fights inflammation and regulates the production of sebum. Due to this effect, the skin becomes clean, healthy and radiant. Green tea extract is an excellent moisturizer.

Pomegranate and berry mix

Pomegranate oil stimulates collagen production and improves skin microcirculation.

Shampoo “Dobra” – has an amazing aroma that helps to plunge into the world of pleasure and enjoyment. Moisturizes hair, gives it elasticity and shine.


Burdock extract is used in modern cosmetology to combat irritations and inflammations on the skin.

Chamomile and milk protein

The benefits of chamomile are not only shown to improve the color of blonde hair; Chamomile helps to get rid of a number of other problems and improve the appearance of hair of any type.

Nettle and Oak

Nettle contains substances that stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and nourish hair follicles.

Calendula and scarlet

Calendula has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, helps to cleanse and strengthen hair along its entire length.

Shower gel “Dobra” – gently cleanses and, thanks to the content of caring components, does not dry the skin.

Milk and honey

Milk softens and moisturizes the skin. Honey accelerates cell regeneration, increases elasticity, restores elasticity to the skin and slows down the aging process.

Almond milk

Almonds are a natural product, rich and generous in all kinds of useful elements, vitamins, fats and proteins – they are widely and actively used in modern cosmetic products.

Laundry soap “Dobra” is an environmentally friendly and safe product made from animal fats and vegetable oils.


Designed for washing silk, cambric and other delicate fabrics. This soap is formulated with additives that provide a mild effect on the delicate tissues and skin of the hands.


This laundry soap is intended for washing cotton and linen fabrics, and other special purposes.