Laundry soap is universal, classic does not contain dyes and flavors. Suitable for washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning upholstered furniture, hand washing. Proven classic formula based on natural plant.


Against stains

For washing baby clothes

For washing with a whitening effect

For washing and removing stains

Universal for washing

Dishwashing liquid "Maestro"

The soft formula is ideal for dry and sensitive skin, allowing you to wash even heavily soiled dishes with ease, adding shine and delicate aroma. Very well absorbed by the skin and has excellent cleansing ability. Completely washes off dishes.

Ultra power

Detergents with wonderful aromas. Economical concentrated agent is effective at any water temperature.

Ultra sensitive

Combines excellent detergency with reduced risk of allergies. Does not dry the skin of the hands, great for washing children’s dishes.


The unique formula of detergent with natural lemon fragrance effectively copes with greasy dirt, and the eco-formula carefully treats even the most sensitive and delicate skin of hands.


Унікальна формула засобу для миття посуду з натуральної отдушкой лимона ефективно справляється з жирними забрудненнями, а еко-формула дбайливо ставиться навіть до самої чутливої ​​і ніжної шкіри рук.

Universal detergent for all floors. Effectively removes dirt and grease, cleans to shine without divorce, leaves a fresh smell.


Effectively removes dirt at low concentrations, leaving no divorce with the smell of lemon. The peculiarity of the liquid is that it does not need to be washed off after cleaning.

Spring garden

Thanks to the chosen formula has antibacterial action and perfectly copes with pollution even on a varnished parquet and a laminate. The peculiarity of the liquid is that it does not need to be washed off after cleaning.

A universal tool that can wash and iron almost everything! The means copes with any types of pollution and is suitable for cleaning of the apartment, washing of children’s things, washing of ware, hands.

Delicate 1л, 0,5л

Due to its thick liquid consistency, soap is used sparingly, and a special formula that does not contain phosphates, dyes, active chlorine and zeolites, carefully affects the skin of the hands, preventing irritation or allergies.