Cosmetic toilet soap “Ti Amo Crema Professional line” – provides gentle cleansing and careful care, intensively softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, gives softness and comfort.

With amaranth oil

The main useful property of amaranth oil is the content of the element squalene in it. Due to the content of squalene, which saturates cells with oxygen, the plant increases immunity and helps to recover faster from colds and inflammatory diseases.

With biogold

Biogold stimulates the production of collagen in cells, helping to maintain skin elasticity. It is also able to penetrate deep into the skin and transport to distant layers of the skin previously unavailable active components of cosmetics.

With collagen

It is a binding protein that is responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin. It has a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect, restores softness and elasticity to the skin, has a smoothing effect. Collagen creates a protective moisture-retaining layer on the skin, so the skin stays hydrated for a long time.

With silk proteins

Silk proteins are one of the few components to which there is almost no allergy. They are very good moisturizers. Due to its soft but effective ability to retain moisture. Silk proteins easily settle on the surface of hair and skin, forming a light protective film, almost without burdening.

Ti Amo Crema Professional line shower gel

Ti Amo Crema Professional line cosmetic toilet soap is a wonderful shower gel that allows you to enjoy pleasant and fragrant moments, cleansing the skin of the body.

Silk Protein

Silk proteins in the composition, moisturizing component, increase skin elasticity, refresh and soothe it.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, it is universal. With regular use, it improves complexion, gives the skin smoothness, increases elasticity and smoothes wrinkles.


Mucin – snail mucus, rich in nutrients and useful for human skin. Mucin contains large amounts of elastin, collagen, which is similar to human. It also contains glycolic and hyaluronic acids, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, E.

3 in 1 Fresh & Power

Practical tool 3 in 1, which promotes deep and effective cleansing of hair, skin and face. The product removes dirt, dust, toxins, excess sebum, and normalizes the skin’s natural pH balance.

Active Sport

Thanks to the caring ingredients effectively cleanses your skin, maintaining a balance of moisture in the skin.
Long-lasting freshness that gives you energy when you play sports.