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Contract manufacturing

One of the activities of the “Factory of Soap Traditions” company is the production of solid and liquid soaps, cosmetic products, as well as household chemicals under the customer’s own brands (STM, VTM, Private Label). Contract manufacturing is an alternative solution for many retailers, it can become one from sources of increased profits and competitive advantage in the market.

Today we work with a number of national-level chains and distribution companies and have produced more than 1,000,000 tons of finished products for them.

The main advantage of private label production in our company is the consistently high quality of products.


  • The enterprise is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 - “Quality Management System”.
  • All products have the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological examination.
  • Great importance is attached to the quality of raw materials and finished products, control of physical and chemical indicators at all stages of production, and the appearance of finished products.

Thanks to the highly qualified specialists, innovative production technologies, established cooperation with manufacturers of raw materials and packaging, our company will help in creating unique products, taking into account your technical requirements and wishes.

On our production base it is possible to create

Cosmetic soap
Laundry soap
Gel cosmetics
Liquid and gel household chemicals

Cooperation options

  • development of formulations in accordance with your technical requirements;
  • support in obtaining permits (certification);
  • production according to existing recipes;
  • assistance in the procurement of raw materials, containers and packaging;

Possible packaging options

Polyethylene BOPP20 + BOPP20 (Flow-pack and Ecopack):

  • transparent packaging;
  • filled packaging (hides a bar of soap);
  • matte packaging (gives a premium to the product).

Boxed paper soap packaging:

  • with a surface protective layer in the form of a glossy or matte film
  • with a surface protective varnish layer.

Soap packing in a box:

  • VD varnish (glossy, matte);
  • UV varnish;
  • surface film lamination;
  • embossing on the soap box.

Group soap packaging:

  • in the form of a "tablet" ("blister")
  • in polyethylene ecopack


  • PET + label
  • PET + thermal stocking
  • HEDP + label
  • HEDP + pad printing


  • disktop
  • fliptop
  • push-pull
  • pump
  • trigger